SMBA Regular Board Meeting

June 24, 2021 |  8:30 AM |  Via Zoom
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1 Southwest Michigan Building Authority June 24, 2021 The SMBA regular meeting was held via Zoom. Chair Dusty Farmer called the meeting to order at 8:30 a.m. Board Roll Call: A roll call was taken to comply with the provisions of MCL 15.263(2)(a)(ii) regarding remote meeting attendance by board members. Present: Name Location Attending From Dusty Farmer, Chair, Oshtemo Township Oshtemo Township, Kalamazoo County, MI Carol DeHaan, Treasurer, Cooper Township Cooper Township, Kalamazoo County, MI Larry Stehouwer, Citizen Member, Cooper Cooper Township, Kalamazoo County, MI Cheri Bell, Oshtemo Township Oshtemo Township, Kalamazoo County, MI Also present were Building Official Garrett Reitenour, Attorney Jim Porter, Administrative Assistant Elvira Oropeza, SeberTans representative Ben Walker, and Board Secretary Kyle Gibson. Absent: Jeff Sorensen, Cooper Township Citizen Comments on Non-Agenda Items No public comment was provided. SeberTans Financial Audit Presentation Ben Walker presented the draft financial statements and findings to the board. Larry Stehouwer asked a question regarding plan review fees, which Mr. Walker and Mr. Gibson responded to. The board held brief discussion, and authorized Mr. Gibson to sign and return the representation letter to SeberTans to complete the audit. Consent Agenda – Meeting Minutes – May 27, 2021 Regular Meeting – June 2021 Financial Reports – Memo Re: Petty Cash Increase Request – June 2021 Budget Amendments and Adjustments A motion was made by Larry Stehouwer and supported by Carol DeHaan to approve the consent agenda as presented. Opposed: None The chair declared that the motion was carried 4-0, with 1 absent. Consideration of In-Lieu of Insurance Payment Mr. Gibson presented the memorandum and supporting documents presented to the Board for review. Mr. Gibson also revised the request from the amount stated in the memorandum and 2 requested further board input regarding the development of policy for the in-lieu of insurance payment. Board discussion was held regarding the matter. Consensus was to table the discussion until the next regular meeting. Mr. Gibson stated that he would draft policy based on the board’s discussion for review at the next meeting. * Chair Dusty Farmer exited the meeting at approximately 9:26 a.m. In accordance with the Bylaws, the Board Secretary assumed the role of acting chairperson for the remainder of the meeting.* Consideration of Rental Agreement between Oshtemo Charter Township and SMBA Mr. Gibson summarized the rental agreement before the board. Input was provided from Attorney Porter in favor of approving the draft rental agreement. A motion was made by Carol DeHaan and supported by Cheri Bell to approve the draft lease agreement as written, to forward the document to Chair Farmer for signature, and to then forward the document to Oshtemo Township Supervisor Libby Heiny-Cogswell for counter signature. Opposed: None The acting chair declared that the motion was carried 3-0, with 2 absent. Document Update Project Mr. Gibson presented a list of documents he wishes to update and revise, as requested by the board at the April regular meeting. Mr. Gibson also provided an update to the board regarding the impact of the project on day-to-day operations, which has been minimal. A motion was made by Larry Stehouwer and supported by Carol DeHaan to approve the list of documents as presented, and to authorize any required budget amendments for legal fees associated with the project. Opposed: None The acting chair declared that the motion was carried 3-0, with 2 absent. Board Chair’s Report Chair Farmer was not present to give a report. Other Business (Item 1) Attorney Porter commended Mr. Gibson for his work thus far on the document update project. No other business was brought before the board. Seeing and hearing no other business, and having exhausted the agenda, acting chair Gibson declared the meeting Adjourned at 9:40 a.m. Next Regular Meeting – July 22nd – 8:30 a.m.
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