SMBA Regular Board Meeting

May 27, 2021 |  8:30 AM |  Via Zoom
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1 Southwest Michigan Building Authority May 27, 2021 The SMBA regular meeting was held via Zoom. Chair Dusty Farmer called the meeting to order at 8:30 a.m. Board Roll Call: A roll call was taken to comply with the provisions of MCL 15.263(2)(a)(ii) regarding remote meeting attendance by board members. Present: Name Location Attending From Dusty Farmer, Chair, Oshtemo Township Oshtemo Township, Kalamazoo County, MI Carol DeHaan, Treasurer, Cooper Township Cooper Township, Kalamazoo County, MI Larry Stehouwer, Citizen Member, Cooper Cooper Township, Kalamazoo County, MI Cheri Bell, Oshtemo Township Oshtemo Township, Kalamazoo County, MI Also present were Building Official Garrett Reitenour, Attorney Jim Porter, Administrative Assistant Elvira Oropeza, and Board Secretary Kyle Gibson. Absent: Jeff Sorensen, Cooper Township Citizen Comments on Non-Agenda Items No public comment was provided. Consent Agenda – Meeting Minutes – April 22, 2021 Regular Meeting – May 2021 Financial Reports – May 2021 Budget Amendments and Adjustments A motion was made by Carol DeHaan and supported by Larry Stehouwer to approve the consent agenda as presented. Opposed: None The Chair declared that the motion was carried 4-0, with 1 absent. Office Manager’s Report on Audit Progress and Updated Chart of Accounts Project Office Manager Kyle Gibson shared that the SeberTans financial audit was progressing without any perceived issues, and that he anticipated a SeberTans representative to be present at our June meeting to present the audit findings. Mr. Gibson also shared that we recently completed the last phase of the updated chart of accounts project with BS&A, meaning that SMBA is now compliant with the State of Michigan’s uniform chart of accounts ahead of the compliance deadline. No board action was taken. 2 Memo Re: SeamlessDocs Proposal Mr. Gibson presented the proposal documents contained in the board packet for the software as a service offering from SeamlessDocs. Board discussion was held regarding the merits of the software. Attorney Jim Porter shared that the e-signature functionality of the software would be beneficial to the legal footing of the authority in the event that such a matter should arise. Board consensus was that the software would be a worthwhile investment for the Authority. A motion was made by Carol DeHaan and supported by Cheri Bell to authorize the office manager to enter into a contract with SeamlessDocs using the advertised option to prorate the contract through the end of 2021. Chair Farmer requested an update on the utility of the software from the office manager at the end of the year. Opposed: None The Chair declared that the motion was carried 4-0, with 1 absent. Consideration of Letter from Brad Meyers re: Deck Permit PB21-02-0291 at 10528 N Riverview Dr. (Cooper Township) Chair Farmer presented some background information for the information which was included in the packet, including a letter from Mr. Meyers, a series of emails between Cooper Township staff, Authority Staff, and himself, and a receipt for a bill of materials for the construction of his deck. Building Official Garrett Reitenour provided additional background information to the board. The board deliberated on the two primary issues raised by Mr. Meyers. Regarding the matter of the permit fee calculation, board consensus was that the cost of materials had no bearing on the construction valuation, and therefore adjustment of the permit fee was not warranted. Furthermore, member Cheri Bell noted that the use of a standardized construction valuation was the most equitable method of the application of fees to all residents, and making an exception in this case would not be equitable to others. Regarding the request to waive the $50 notice of violation fee, board consensus was that given the fact that the fee is intended to recoup the Authority’s labor costs for posting the notice, and given the fact that multiple notices of violations have been issued, and given the fact that Mr. Meyers is only being billed for one of those notices (i.e. the Authority has already waived one fee), waiver of the fee was not warranted. Chair Farmer requested that Mr. Gibson reply to Mr. Meyers with the board’s decision, providing a summary of the reasoning for the board’s denial of the request. No board action was taken. Board Chair’s Report Chair Farmer had nothing to report. Other Business No other business was brought before the board. Seeing and hearing no other business, and having exhausted the agenda, Chair Farmer declared the meeting Adjourned at 9:15 a.m. Next Regular Meeting – June 24th – 8:30 a.m.
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