SMBA Regular Board Meeting

August 27, 2020 |  8:30 AM |  Via Zoom
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1. Call to Order 2. Citizen Comments on Non-Agenda Items a. Reading of Public Comment – Kyle Gibson 3. Consent Agenda a. Meeting Minutes – July 23, 2020 Regular Meeting b. Meeting Minutes – August 7, 2020 Special Meeting c. July 2020 Receipts and Disbursements Report d. July 2020 Permits / Inspections Report e. Q1-2020 & Q2-2020 Budget Adjustments 4. Board Consideration of the City of Galesburg Requesting to Join SMBA 5. Board Consideration of Draft Capital Improvement Plan 6. Update on Truck Purchase – Garrett Reitenour 7. Board Discussion of Staffing Proposals 8. Board Chair’s Report – Dusty Farmer 9. Other Business 10.Adjournment
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