SMBA Regular Board Meeting

July 23, 2020 |  8:30 AM |  Via Zoom
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1 Southwest Michigan Building Authority July 23, 2020 The SMBA regular meeting was held via Zoom. Chair Dusty Farmer called the meeting to order at 8:32 a.m. Present: Dusty Farmer, Board Chair, Oshtemo Representative Carol DeHaan, Cooper Representative Jeff Sorensen, Cooper Representative Larry Stehouwer, Citizen at Large Representative Grant Taylor, Oshtemo Representative Also present were Building Official Garrett Reitenour, SMBA Attorney Jim Porter, Board Secretary Deb Everett, Administrative Assistant El Oropeza, Oshtemo Township Planning Director Iris Lubbert, and Administrative Assistant Kyle Gibson acting as recording secretary. Absent: None Citizen Comments on Non-Agenda Items No public comment was provided. Consent Agenda Meeting Minutes – June 25, 2020 Regular Meeting June Receipts & Disbursements Report June Permits/Inspections Report Motion by Jeff Sorensen, second by Grant Taylor to approve the consent agenda. A roll call vote was taken showing: Yes: Dusty Farmer, Carol DeHaan, Jeff Sorensen, Larry Stehouwer, Grant Taylor No: None Abstain: None Absent: None The motion was carried 5-0. Board Discussion of SMBA Vehicle Replacement The board held discussion regarding the state’s government pricing program. Building Official Reitenour presented a quote from Denooyer Chevrolet for the cost of purchasing the proposed vehicle. The question of whether there would be any legal issues with a member township purchasing the vehicle on SMBA’s behalf and selling it to SMBA. Attorney Porter indicated that there would be no issues with that. Board consensus was to direct Building Official Reitenour to further pursue the purchase of the vehicle and make a final decision / authorize budget amendment at the next regular board meeting. No further board action was taken. 2 Chair Report Chair Farmer recommended that due to the expected increase in foot traffic on August 4th due to the primary election, SMBA staff work from home on that day. No further board action was taken. Other Business Grant Taylor shared concerns regarding the amount of SMBA revenue relative to expenses and cash on hand. Chair Farmer suggested a review of the SMBA fee schedule. Mr. Taylor advised implementing a capital improvement plan to reduce the amount of unrestricted cash on hand. Chair Farmer requested that staff prepare a list of capital expenditures both for immediate purchase and in the future to be presented to the board at the next regular meeting. Chair Farmer also requested that a list of quarterly budget amendments be presented at the next regular meeting. No further board action was taken. Administrative Assistant Kyle Gibson notified the board that an updated contract from Aunalytics (formerly Secant) had been received. He shared that because of their merger, the pricing structure has been modified and as a result there is a net increase in monthly fees. No further board action was taken. Chair Farmer Adjourned the meeting at 9:02 a.m. Next Regular Meeting – August 28th – 8:30 a.m.
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