SMBA Regular Board Meeting

October 7, 2016 |  8:30 AM | 
Southwest Michigan Building Authority September 15, 2016 The SMBA meeting was called to order at 4:00 with Oshtemo Representative Heiny-Cogswell as acting chair. PRESENT: Libby Heiny-Cogswell, Oshtemo Representative Deb Everett, Oshtemo Representative Carol DeHaan, Cooper Representative Also present were Building Official Jerry Reitenour, Building Inspector Garrett Reitenour, Attorney James Porter, and Oshtemo Treasurer Nancy Culp acting as Recording Secretary. Nomination of SMBA Board Officers Chair Jeff Sorenson Secretary Deb Everett Treasurer Carol DeHann Motion by Heiny-Cogswell, second by DeHaan to approve slate as presented. Carried 3-0. Nomination of Citizen at Large SMBA Board Member Ms. DeHaan presented for nomination Larry Stehouwer, Cooper resident, retired civil engineer; he has expressed he would be willing to serve. Consensus was he is an excellent choice. Motion by Heiny-Cogswell, second by Everett to approve nomination of Larry Stehouwer as the SMBA citizen at large position. Carried 3-0. Fee Schedule Building Official Reitenour presented the proposed fee schedule noting it follows State guidelines; proposed demolition permit fees are lower but still consistent with the guidelines. Consensus was there should be no charge for Certificates of Occupancy. Motion by DeHaan, second Everett to approve the fee schedule as presented. Carried 3-0. Meeting Schedule There was discussion that during the startup process, the Board should meet weekly, and beginning with 2017 monthly meetings the first Friday of each month at 8:30 a.m. and held at the Oshtemo Township Hall. Motion by DeHaan, second by Heiny-Cogswell to approve the meeting schedule as presented. Carried 3-0. Training Ms. Culp presented a quote from BS&A to provide new file set up, workflow charts, and training on the program after the Cooper and Oshtemo databases are separated from KABA. The quote is $2,440 for 2 days training on October 10th and 11th. There was discussion that consultant Jeff Howe would also be available for the project. Ms. Culp advised while the quote is for two days, if less time is needed or used, the fee would be adjusted. Motion by Heiny-Cogswell, second by DeHaan to approve the quote as presented. Carried 3-0. Attorney Letter of Agreement Attorney Porter advised the SMBA Board should execute a letter of agreement indicating interest in working with both himself as Oshtemo’s attorney and Cooper attorney Mike Homier with each attorney billing their respective client and SMBA reimbursing the township(s), matters other than routine operations will be reviewed by both attorneys, and there will be no confidential information on either township’s part. Mr. Porter will provide a draft letter. Building Board of Appeals A Building Board of Appeals is required consisting of 3 to 5 members, with building trades represented. Building Official Reitenour will prepare a list for consideration at a future meeting. Mr. Reitenour advised Bernie Mein, a building contractor and resident of Oshtemo has expressed interest and would also like to be a voting member at the International Code Conference (ICC). He also advised SMBA would be entitled to 4 votes; consensus was Mr. Reitenour, Building Inspector Reitenour, and Mr. Mein would be submitted as voting members. Meeting adjourned at 5:05 p.m. Next Meeting – September 23rd – 8:30 a.m. – Oshtemo Township Hall